• Artisan Leaf Vase


      Simple and striking, this circular wooden vase serves beautifully as a handsome backdrop for a grouping smaller objects, or on its own as a dramatic focal point. Graceful carved leaf adds natural appeal. Decorative purposes only. MDF wood. 13″ x 4″ x 11 1/2″ high.…

    • Azure Blue Art Glass Vase


      Cool blues and clear glass dance together in this stunning art glass vase. Set it next to your window to capture the sunlight. This is a true piece of art! Item weight: 4.8 lbs. 5?” x 2?” x 8?” high. Glass. UPC: 849179019273.

    • Billow Wall Vases Trio


      Turn your wall into a showcase of freshly cut flowers! This trio of contemporary styled metal wall sconces feature slim glass cylindrical vases that await the flowers of your choice. Item weight: 2.6 lbs. Each is 2 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ x 14 3/8″ high;…

    • Blossoming Long Neck Vase (L)


      This fantastic porcelain vase looks just as lovely on its own as it does with a few colorful daisies sprouting from the elongated neck. It features neat postage stamps, a weathered lip, and reads, “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature”. Weight 3.8 pounds.…

    • Blossoming Long Neck Vase (S)


      “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature” and this long-neck vase will remind you of that every day. It’s made from white porcelain and features interesting postage stamps, a weathered lip around the edge of the vase, and pretty script writing. Weight 3 pounds.…

    • Crimson Sunset Art Glass Vase


      A sparkling freeform vase celebrates the beauty of an autumn sunset, setting your surroundings alive with vibrant color. This abstract artwork is lovely alone, but especially stunning when filled with a graceful bouquet! Decorative purposes only. Each piece is individually hand-crafted for its unique beauty;…

    • Cylindrical Nordic Minimalist Tinted Glass Vases

      10% $6.00$45.00 $45.00$58.00

      These lovely looking glass vases are perfect for any modern space and easily blends with almost any style. The stripes add feature and texture to the vase increasing its aesthetics! These multi-functional vases can be used as a desk organizer as well!

    • Dreamscape Art Glass Vase


      All the beguiling colors of a splendid dream are captured in glass for you to enjoy during waking hours. As lovely filled with your favorite blooms as it is alone, let your dreams come to life with this artistic vase. For decorative purposes only. Individually…

    • Embossed Leaf Green Glass Vase

      20.1% $35.00$104.00 $104.00$141.00

      The must have vase for every viridiphile. This glass vase has a green leaf pattern design perfect for an environmentalist house. The top end of the vase consists of a golden ring.

    • Emerald Art Glass Vase


      Vibrant green flows through this stunning art glass vase, and it looks just as spectacular empty as it does with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Set it near a window and watch as sunlight streaming through makes this vase even more beautiful. Item weight: 4.8…

    • Floral Fantasia Art Glass Vase


      This jug-shaped art glass vase is a treasure of glowing color and graceful garden imagery. This stunning piece is individually hand-crafted for its unique beauty. Each vase is one-of-a-kind and may contain slight differences from the picture shown here. Decorative purposes only. Weight 11.5 lbs.…

    • Geometric Pattern Embossed Green Glass Vase

      19.8% $33.00$77.00 $77.00$134.00

      These vases are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Such lovely and vintage aesthetics are love at first sight. With intricate geometrical pattern embossed throughout the colored glass vase and clever details on the neck, makes this piece a must have for everyone whether you’re a…

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